Pinging Irish bloggers

Ok, now that I’m back I guess I should shout out to some old friends and ask that they send some people my way, or even add me to their blogrolls (again).

That would include (in no particular order) thinking out loud, Twenty, Damien, Winds and Breezes, Kevin, In Fact Ah, John Breslin, Keith, UI, Slugger, Bumpf, Free Stater, Irish Eagle, Palgano, Joe, Karlin, Reality, Midnight Court, Rick, Sarah, Tom, Tony, Bernie, Branedy, Donal, Eamonn, EirePreneur, Dossing, Rymus, Tom.

27 thoughts on “Pinging Irish bloggers”

  1. It’s as if you never were away. I haven’t updated my links in about a year – so you’re still there.
    It’s funny – I started blogging again for the first time in ages 2 days ago too.

  2. I shall have to decide on a header image ambrand – perhaps even a return to the last one?

  3. Nice to see you active again, hope the exams went well and that Bertie’s win doesn’t distress you too much!

  4. Me? I haven’t had a blogroll in years! 🙂

    Don’t worry though, you’re still publicly listed in my Bloglines subscriptions.

  5. Ping ack’ed

    Enough nerdy talk. Welcome back. Where were you, we want pictures and leave out no details no matter how tiny or filthy.

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