That election thing

Can we now stop referring to Bertie Ahern as ‘Bertie’, but instead as Ahern or Mr Ahern? Do we refer to ANY other politician by their first name?

It seems to be part of the whole ‘sure Bertie is one of us like, a common working man’.

No. Ahern is not a common working man. Unless you recently received a ‘dig out’ of £122,000 from people (some of whom weren’t even your friends), or spent £29,000 (which is several thousand more than most people earned in a year at the time) on fixtures and fittings for your home.

Or maybe we should start referring to everyone by their first name. Enda, Pat, Trevor, Mary, Gerry, sure aren’t they all workers like ourselves?






4 responses to “That election thing”

  1. Dave avatar

    Besides, isn’t his real name Patrick?

  2. Gamma Goblin avatar

    So why isn’t this called “Sheridan’s Blog” blog then? Are you a common working man? 🙂

  3. Gamma Goblin avatar

    blog blog! wtf is a blog blog? 🙂

  4. Gavin avatar

    Of course I am! And also not a politician or Taoiseach, who are all referred to as as Mr, coz they’re so special.