Google railways

Google are pretty confident about the Government rebuilding the railway from Cork to Youghal. Despite the track from Glounthane to Youghal having been idle for 30 years, the map says there definitely is a track there… though we wait for it to become operational again.

Maybe Google are psychic? I like their confidence anyway.

By the way, did anyone else notice that Google Maps for Ireland are alot more detailed than they used to be? The satellite photos seem the same, but the level of detail for roads etc has vastly improved.






4 responses to “Google railways”

  1. Mark Waters avatar

    Confidence is right. They’ve had the ring road around Ennis on the map for the past 3 months even though there’s no road to be seen yet.

  2. Gavin Sheridan avatar
    Gavin Sheridan

    Hehehe. Google The Confident

  3. Mark Waters avatar

    I guess they were reading this press release from the taoisech’s offfice.

    According to the release:

    Phase 1 – N18 (main bypass section) on 14 December 2006, 4 months ahead of schedule

    Phase 2 – N85 Link in January 2007, 3 months ahead of schedule

    Phase 3 – Interchange including the new bridge over the Railway line due for completion Qtr 1 2007.

    According to reality:

    Phase 1: Actually opened 26th January, 2007, delayed apparently because they forgot to factor in the bad weather. I guess they don’t have winter in Turkey.

    Phase 2: Still waiting.

    Phase 3: We have the bridge but unfortunately still no road going over it.

    Still, election is over so who cares.

  4. Mark Waters avatar

    This week, reality finally caught up with Google Maps and we got the road opened in Ennis. I drove over the bridge this morning. A beautiful piece of work, it would have come in handy during the boom years.