3 thoughts on “Covestor”

  1. Big difference between Covestor.com and any other site is that it’s your real trades and portfolio allocation that is reported. While CAPS does log your “calls” you’re not seeing these people’s actual investment decisions, backed by their money as you do on Covestor. Could be what they really think, might not be…

  2. Yea the biggest part of CAPS is that it’s a game, not necessarily actual decisions. But I like the breadth of stuff on there, and the ability to follow dozens of players by accuracy.

  3. In regards to REAL there is another player similar to Covestor, called VesTopia,
    their site is seeded with Investement Directors that show what they are doing in their real portfolio’s, where’s in covestor anyone can put up his account. these are two differant approaches, and it’s interesting to see how this will develop.

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