iPhone with 3G

Hehe. I do wonder sometimes. This week Cringely hints that the iPhone has in built 3G, which will be activated through software upgrade. I speculated on the same thing over on engadget a couple of weeks ago. The announcement might be made when the phone is announced for a particular network in Europe.

I might as well repeat the comment here:

Why do I get the feeling that iPhones sold today will already have the physical capability to connect to 3G… Would it make sense for two models of the iPhone to be built separately, one 3g capable the other not? Why not just build them all 3G capable and then software activate (eg 802.11n on Macs earlier this year). I’m inclined to believe the rumours here, 3G in Europe is more pervasive and network providers will fall over themselves to sell iPhone.

The question is will it be Vodafone or O2/Telefonica. Given that O2 phones are much less branded, I would be inclined to say them rather than Vodafone. But then recent hints from the existing firmware suggests Vodafone. Either way, it will be one or the other.

Here’s an idea. Buy long calls on both. Once the announcement is made one or other will see an overnight increase in share price. Or if you don’t like the risk, buy shares in both. See what happens.

A bit like the horses, I know, but hey.

Update: Business 2.0 says their is no evidence of 3G hardware in the 1st generation iPhone.

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  1. Do you know anyone who has peeled back the black antenna covering and tested the antenna arrays? The 3G stack draws more power than EDGE so if the 3G antenna is fitted to the iPhone, I hope testers have evaluated the phone’s power management. Several prosumers in the States are getting no more than three hours of use from the iPhone when pushed through a business day talking, texting and grabbing email. That kind of power capability won’t satisfy the creatives I know in Ireland.

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