I think this is probably the most blatantly unquestioning and biased piece of “journalism” I have ever seen in my 26 years.

Government propaganda in the fourth estate. Ahern using a proxy to blacken the name of an investigation into corruption, via a national newspaper, which swallows it hook, line and sinker. How on earth did Jody Corcoran put his byline to that rubbish?

Groucho makes lots of denials on behalf of our Taoiseach.

He also rubbished reports that the Taoiseach never told the tribunal about the £50,000 lodgement to Celia Larkin’s accounts when he was obliged to disclosed all such details.

Mr O’Dea strongly denied that Celia Larkin had operated nominee bank accounts for the Taoiseach which he failed to disclose, and that the Taoiseach sought details from the bank about key lodgements long before the tribunal has specific queries about these lodgements.

And the evidence to back up these denials? So Ahern is saying th Tribunal deceived us? Can we have something to back that up please?

The money quote from Mr Corcoran:

But Mr Ahern is in no mood to further facilitate the tribunal.

Then obstruct it Mr Ahern, or attempt to bring it down, as your corrupt predecessor tried to do to McCracken.

I have to stop this post, before I lose the head.

As usual, the only sane voice in the Sindo is Gene Kerrigan. And what does he say about Ahern’s story?

There’s only one word — blunt and crude as it might be — that’s appropriate to what we’ve heard. And that word is bullshit.