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I’ve been working on a wiki relating to Bertie Ahern for the past couple of weeks. I wanted to get a reasonable amount of material up before making it public. It still needs a huge amount of work.

Readers are welcome to contribute, parsing the transcripts is probably the most important, if daunting, work. References to question numbers are needed too. Backgrounders on the casino deal, and on the main players are also needed.

Vandalism is expected, but obviously not encouraged.

2 thoughts on “Bertie Ahern wiki”

  1. Quiz:whats the difference between Des Traynor and Des Richardson?
    Answer;One was hung out to dry after he had passed on- the other, while he was in the land of the living.!
    For Bart Ahern to pose as the anti “one armed bandit” saviour of the nation, is rich given that thousands of concerned citizens and dozens of councillors around the country failed to rally support, and effectual action, among prominent politicians to stamp out the flagrant abuse of weak gaming laws that existed at that time. Numerous get rich quick merchants from all walks of live grew very rich from this racketeering-not least among them the now multi-millionaire,Isle of Man based, Jim Kennedy of the “Carrickmines rezoning scandal” fame.
    I have intimate knowledge of the one armed bandit phenomenon which destroyed the lives of countless poor people in the eighties.There was no will to deal with this problem in the Fianna Fail Cabinet.. One ex garda became a very wealthy man operating a “casino” in the Dublin 7 area, at the time that OConnell street and the surrounding environs had been turned into a mini Las Vegas.
    Many of those who grew rich were Fianna Fail supporters-just as many of those who have enriched themselves in such activities as illegal dumping, in recent Ahern was a guest at the opening of one such individuals new hotel in Kerry, but later distanced himself from this scoundrel.

  2. Well done on the WIKI.
    By the way I have quite a catalogue of Fianna Fail´s activities all in one place. I havent got the energy to do a WIKI on all of it. maybe somebody else would take it up from here?

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