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  1. No harm at all but I suppose given the way Facebook groups have proliferated in the last year, they’re never really taken seriously and have no impact on the issues that they refer to.

    I suppose my point is that joining a Facebook group just serves to underscore how futile it is talking about the whole Ahern situation because no matter how much we rant/sign petitions/join groups/try to organise Digout Days – ultimately he’s still laughing at us all. Fair play on the Wiki though – great to see the whole mess laid out in order

  2. The group is just one aspect, and does not requires huge amounts of effort. The wiki on the other hand does, and I do need help parsing transcripts.

    Perhaps these things do feel futile (and I know the feeling), but I’d rather be doing something pro-active as oppose to sitting back and lamenting the situation – even if the action is small it is still meaningful – 10,000 people in a group means something to alot of people – even if it doesnt to Ahern et al. We are on the way to the first 1,000 at least.

    Thanks for the criticism though, and if youre interested in doing a few pages of transcripts feel free! đŸ™‚

  3. Fair point – and the numbers on the group are definitely encouraging although it’d be interesting to know how many of the people in the group voted FF! In terms of helping with the transcripts, I’d be more than happy to do so. You should have my email address, send me on the details and we’ll see how quickly we can get through it!

  4. Taoiseach Bertie Ahern has admitted that action needs to be taken to deal with the situation in which some 36,000 people are said to be evading bench warrants for their arrest. Labour party leader Eamon Gilmore said the figure of 36,000 had been obtained from the garda computer system on November 25. He added that there were 111,453 outstanding warrants in total, which was “equivalent to the population of a large five seat constituency”.


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