Not pulling it together

Having watched Prime Time’s coverage of Ahern’s performance in the Tribunal yesterday I am somewhat dismayed. It took 14 minutes and three journalists to eventually mention the core reason for both the questioning, and the module itself.

The question is this: Did Bertie Ahern receive a bribe from Owen O’Callaghan, either directly or indirectly?

The whole purpose of the questioning is this one fundamental question. Why do they tiptoe around it, and get bogged down in the web Ahern has weaved?

The Tribunal is solely devoted to this question, and in my opinion, is expertly and ruthlessly pursuing it without fear or favour.

Let’s not forget the ultimate rationale.

One thought on “Not pulling it together”

  1. I think Bart would like them to concentrate on Owen.
    However it is all the other avenues, and bye-ways-such as Des Richardsons little black book- that are opening up, which will destroy Ahern-whether or not he ever got a bob from O’Callaghan.!

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