Padraig Flynn on the Late Late Show, January 1999 video

Finally guys, the video you have been waiting for. Pee Flynn destroying his political career in one interview. Love it.

Forgive the quality, it is a nine year old VHS recording.

7 thoughts on “Padraig Flynn on the Late Late Show, January 1999 video”

  1. Excellent excellent… this was when the Late Late actually had a purpose on a Friday night. Penis Flynn came across as such an arrogant slime ball. I remember the “class act” comment so well. Good old VHS eh? šŸ™‚

  2. The slimeball bought a farm with GilmartinĀ“s 50,000 grand and planted conifers on it. He is still collecting 30,000 grand a year in subsidies for the trees.
    His spawn will soon have the “car with the star” under BertieĀ“s benign tutelage and to compensate her for her harrowing experience in the High Court, with Charlie Bird.Fine Gael arent much better.They dont have the arrogance to outdo the Soldiers of Desting gang.

  3. I forgot how sycophantic Byrne was but that was his ‘set up’ technique I suppose and it enhances the joke I suppose.

  4. Gay was actually pretty impressive in this interview. He clearly knew how to manipulate Flynn and dropped loads of hints to him being a bit corrupt to boot. You’ll never see this kind of thing from plank.

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