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What a curious thing. This week someone by the name of Simon Coveney, and using a picture of a TD of the same name, joined the Resign, Mr Ahern Facebook group. Interesting, I said to myself. I wonder if that could be the same guy. He did post about broadband over on Damien Mulley’s blog just last week, so it’s not impossible that he has just joined Facebook.

But being the nosey guy I am, I looked at his friends, whose friends I in turn looked at. Before I knew I had a smorgasbord of Irish celebs – many of whom keep their friends list public, but their profiles private. Either it’s a really big spoof, or they haven’t figured out that I can see their friends lists.

Coveney (or whoever setup the profile) has six friends.

Robbie Fox (Renards) (62 friends)
Declan Gill
Gerald Kean (Lawyer to the stars)
Gayle Killilea (Wife of Sean Dunne)
David McWilliams
Tara O’Leary

But dig a little deeper into the friends of friends, and all of a sudden there’s the entire Sunday Independent crowd. Hmm. I have deep suspicions. Many of the profiles on the face of it are fake, the photos look like promo shots rather than personal photos (though I can hardly talk)… maybe some are real, maybe some are fake, maybe they are all real.

Maybe someone should make a graphical representation of who knows who. Other profiles that I came across on my travels…

Leigh Arnold (Surgery soap?)
Izabela Chudzicka (Er know that name from somewhere)
Gordon D’Arcy (Rugby)
Barry Egan (Sindo)
Glenda Gilson
George Hook (Really? Looks too young)
Brian Ormond (Not locked down, looks legit)

Glenda Gilson’s profile (is it real?) has 189 friends, including:

Pauline McLynn (Mrs Doyle) (129 friends)(Friends with Graham Norton who cleverly turned off the setting of seeing his friends)
Gordon D’Arcy (No sign of Brian OD)
Andrea Roche
Brian Ormond

But what is interesting is seeing who mixes with who..

Barry Egan (20 friends) is friends with

Gavin Lambe Murphy (Who has 35 friends? That all?)
Paddy Casey (looks fake)
George Hook (the son?)
Robbie Fox

ARGH the list goes on…take a nose for yourself.

Update: Hmm. Within minutes of this post, Barry Egan asked to be my friend. Is this the work of Chancerdom, or Twenty perhaps?

3 thoughts on “Faking Facebook”

  1. That’s some pretty deep facebook-stalking there. I wouldn’t think that they’re all fake at all and even the ones with promo shots are probably the best photos they have of themselves. The way they all link as well seems like it’d be too much hassle to create all those profiles and link them all in intricate ways. I reckon maybe 25% are fake?

  2. whoever the odiot that must have faked simon’s name must be mad and senceless. simom is a gentle man with a good heart, infact he does not deserve this.

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