Hmm. I’ve spent the last few hours going over Dail television archives. I am posting statements the Taoiseach made, that were of concern to the Tribunal, to YouTube. On a personal level it is clear to me. Ahern outright lied to Dail Eireann. Without a doubt.

I can say that because of information that has come to light since then. The Gilvarry letter, the letters between Revenue and Ahern, the Tribunal evidence.

I guess we have to ask ourselves, is it acceptable?

Padraic O’Connor. Ahern says it was a bankdraft… “it could not have been a company cheque.” Technically he is right, in fairness. But that is only because the company cheque O’Connor wrote was paid to another company, EuroWorkForce run by FF fundraiser Des Richardson, and Des Richardson then drew a bank draft from a Bank of Ireland account. Ahern did not receive anything personally from Padraic O’Connor.






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  1. Thriftcriminal avatar

    Chuck the little gombeen man out on his ear, I’m sick of hearing about him and listening in disbelief to his “account” of his grubby little dealings. Or we could try this.

  2. John McDermott avatar

    Corruption and the nexus of sleaze within Fianna Fail is reduced,as Joe Higgins famously said in the Dail, to “a game of scrabble ,twisting and playing with words”