How long have Fianna Fail hacks been texting into RTE news programmes in an orchestrated bid to make people believe the Irish people are bored of the Ahern story?

I don’t know about you, but every time I checked the Irish Times or Irish Independent website over the last number of weeks, stories relating to Ahern have ranked at least in the top three most read, if not usually the most read story of the day.

I have noticed that in increasing numbers comments supporting the Taoiseach and critcising the media have become far more common. What is going on?

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  1. EastMeathMan avatar

    As far as I can tell many (all?) of the major parties have armies of texters/ blog commenters at work. I get a lot of bullying and harrying invective from anonymous commentors who seem to know too much to be ordinary punters. It is not hard to spot them. They seem to work off a formula in their comments.

  2. Thriftcriminal avatar

    Well what would you do if you were them? Luckily I am sufficiently unknown that my proposal to secede and leave a small enclave of Drumcondra as Bertie’s sole domain (complete with border control that has standing orders for full body cavity searches) did not fall foul of their collective invective.

  3. John McDermott avatar

    Its the well oiled Goebbels prop. machine cranking into action. After all we dont want the american media picking up on stories of Bertie´s digouts,while he preens his feathers and addresses the U.S nation alongside that other criminal type George Bush.

  4. Graham avatar

    Looks like the Bertie Brigade are employing some Ron Paul tactics!

  5. Gavin Sheridan avatar
    Gavin Sheridan

    Looks like a formula alright. I guess we may have to fight fire with fire.

  6. EastMeathMan avatar

    Fight fire with fire? Are you proposing to get medieval on their assess…or is it just a figure of speech?

  7. Gavin Sheridan avatar
    Gavin Sheridan

    Hehe. Both. I mean I guess Ill have to start texting! lol

  8. Mark Waters avatar

    You’d better move fast befoer the privilige to criticise is taken away from the peasants.

    Martin Mansergh on RTÉ’s Morning Ireland this morning took the lowly Senator Eugene Regan to task for daring to attack our glorious leader. Apparently, as The Bert is an international statesman, only someone of the calibre of a party leader – such as Enda – is fit to question him. A lowly senator such as Eugene – less than a wet week in the job – shouldn’t even dare. Indeed, Martin himself admitted that even he – with his own not inconsiderable CV of service to the party and the state – wouldn’t dare to question a man of such stature as the taoiseach.

    I guess that would explain a lot of his behaviour lately.

    Worth listening to Martin exploding in a puff of smoke on Morning Ireland this morning if you want a laugh. Stuff like this is what makes the tribunal worth every penny.

  9. EastMeathMan avatar

    Manseragh was hilarious on Vincent Browne on Wednesday Night. Mick Cliffors, the other guest just sat back in amazement at the ranting of the man. It was like Brian Lenihan Snr. on speed.