Haughey was corrupt

Meanwhile, Minister for Foreign Affairs Dermot Ahern, who delivered the most robust defence yet of the Taoiseach yet during a visit to Belfast on Wednesday, insisted yesterday that “Charles Haughey was a great politician”.

Asked if Mr Haughey had not been shown to be corrupt, Mr Ahern, following a meeting with Northern Ireland Secretary of State Shaun Woodward said: “No, he wasn’t.”

By those standards, Ahern is an angel.

Are these guys even on the same planet as the rest of us? If Ahern is saying Haughey of all people was not corrupt, then he has just wiped the slate clean for every politician in the history of the State, since no one was more corrupt than Haughey.

I really am sick of this shit. It’s time for Ahern, actually both Aherns, to resign.

2 thoughts on “Haughey was corrupt”

  1. There has yet been any evidence to show Charles Haughey did favours of any kind for any of his benefactors who were effectively philantrophists, ensuring funding for a great talent, the modern equivalent of a renaissance day sponsor..

    But hey let’s discuss it tomorrow night instead – congrats on the nomination – you’re in good company – might see you there

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