Politics.ie gets a takedown notice

Politics.ie looks like it will be subject of legal action on the part of Mr Ahern’s solictors.

Update: P O’Neill informs me that the site has moved its hosting to the US.






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  1. Annoni Mouse avatar
    Annoni Mouse

    That was quick, Gavin!

  2. P O'Neill avatar

    This has the air of endgame about it. There are conversations in pubs about the contradictions exposed over the last week that are surely more (allegedly) defamatory than whatever appeared on politics.ie. People are starting to connect the dots and wonder why particular people said what they said until presented with contradictory evidence. So I suspect there are lot of rearguard actions taking place in the run-up to Bertie’s statement on Wednesday.

  3. John McDermott avatar

    David Corcrane should have a .com or a dot org registration. The .ie is subject to Soviet Russia/Chinese style/ control-(by lawyers) like everything else in the media in that backward little nation called Ireland.!
    He should also have no assets in that jurisdiction.

  4. Haymoon avatar

    Overheard in Dublin pub

    As a bum, Charlie was a class act. As a bum, Bertie is a bum

    attributed to Tony

  5. DPJ avatar

    We all thought Soviet styles politics was gone after the fall of the wall .Ireland is only starting.

  6. P O'Neill avatar

    Check out the new announcement — politics.ie has moved their hosting to the USA.