The subject of my history dissertation is British newspaper coverage of the US war of independence. My primary reference will be The American revolution and the British press 1775-1783 by Solomon Lutnick.

If anyone has any other sources please do point me in the right direction.






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  1. Patrick James avatar

    Sounds like a fascinating premise for a dissertation… Sounds like something I’d love to read so all the best with it! I keep an eye out and if I come across any sources I’ll pass them on!

  2. niall avatar

    British library always a good bet – perhaps even online, although I haven’t used that as a research tool for a few years! Might also be worth your while finding out which universities (ireland and uk) have dedicated collections. If you have a uni card you can always get access. And why not give the US Embassy a call? Nothing ventured etc etc, they helped me out on a similar project back in the day.

    I was more a fan of the civil war period – LOADS of access to primary sources, and we used to get away with watching Gettysburg and Glory in lieu of proper lessons when I was at school…

  3. Gavin Sheridan avatar
    Gavin Sheridan

    Thanks Niall, though my topic is limited to 18th century or before.. so no civil war possible.

    I actually have been looking through some newspapers from the time, many of which are available online or in my primary text.

    I may not have time to visit the British Library 🙁

  4. Maggie avatar

    = excellent primary source – you might have hit this one already.
    Good luck 🙂

  5. Tony avatar

    Interesting topic you have chosen. There is a book by Stanley Weintraub: Iron Tears … American Revolution from the British Perspective which may be of some assistance. Good luck.