Jeff Jarvis at the Guardian and the future of journalism

Jeff links to two videos of him talking with staff at the Guardian about the future direction of the news organisation. As ever he is refreshing to watch, equally so as his writing, which I have been reading now for seven years.

Unfortunately many of my colleagues in the industry (in various firms) are slow to think about these changes, or the repercussions these changes will have for everyone working in the media in Ireland. I consider myself fortunate for not only having discovered Jeff’s writings early on (and indeed Dan Gillmor), but for the fact that I will myself shortly start my seventh year blogging. And I guess I am one of the relative few that made the transition from blogging to print media.

As for changing people’s habits in the old media world – I consider it a good day when I convert a colleague to Firefox 3 – nevermind Delicious, Magnolia, blogging, Twitter, RSS, Podcasts, or any of the other exciting things going on online.

Slowly but surely, I guess.

Jeff Part 1
Jeff Part 2