The Perfect Chocolate Chip Cookie

Ahem. *Drools*.

The most popular story on NY Times today.

“You can’t underestimate the importance of salt in sweet baked goods,” she said. Salt, in the dough and sprinkled on top, adds dimension that can lift even a plebian cookie. To make the point, she referred to her recipe for Sablés Korova, a chocolate chocolate-chip cookie with a hefty pinch of fleur de sel, from her book “Paris Sweets” (Broadway Books, 2002). Five years ago, sea salt as a must-have ingredient and garnish for sweets wouldn’t have registered on the radar of many home bakers, but now it has become almost commonplace, in part because of Ms. Greenspan’s unwavering belief in its virtue.

Very true. A friend recently sent me chocolate from Nova Scotia coated with sea salt. Delicious.






3 responses to “The Perfect Chocolate Chip Cookie”

  1. Rowan Manahan avatar

    So true. I was told by a colleague who had spent many years in the merchant marine to always add a pinch of salt to a pot of coffee. Too little to add any salinity, but enough that the flavour enhancer properties of the humble NaCl come into effect. He had a well-deserved reputation as a gourmand, so I have followed his advice to this day.

    I still get asked how I (a non coffee drinker) make such good coffee.

  2. Gavin avatar

    Sounds cool Rowan! I’m not a coffee drinker though… still sounds nice.

  3. max191 avatar

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