Health and Education cutbacks

When the government said recently that Health and Education would be saved from any cutbacks, guess what?

They lied.

Colm Rapple:

Third level education grant levels have been frozen until the end of the year. Qualifying means-test levels have also been raised. In addition, decisions on grant levels will be made in the context of the annual budget and any changes will apply from January 1 rather than from the beginning of the academic year. Students opting for third level this autumn won’t know until Budget Day how much their grant will be worth for the 2009 portion of their academic year.

And that’s just one example.

3 thoughts on “Health and Education cutbacks”

  1. Ah yes well, you see, this is not strictly a cutback.

    Really, in what way?

    Well, at no stage have we actually stated that the amount of money available is in any way diminished, just that the pipe through which it will flow has become, err, narrower.

    Effectively meaning that you will be spending less money spent in this area surely?

    Well, you see you have to be aware of the dichotomy between statement and actual meaning.

    What dichotomy would that be exactly?

    Well, PR obviously. One is bad, the other sounds good.

  2. If this is a serious recession then it seems that they are doing exactly what they are not supposed to do.

    Non-essential day to day spending to be curtailed, government expenses to be heavily scrutinised and more money directed towards finishing important capital projects, such as school building.

    Education and Health are exactly the places that need to be improved so that we can pull out of this “recession”.

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