Gori tank base bombed by Russia

Well my time in Georgia is over, and now it’s on to Oktoberfest. I hope the upload the bulk of my photos there, but I have already uploaded an initial set to Flickr. In it I was allowed access to the Georgian tank base in Gori, bombed by Russian forces. In the hills behind the base there are up to 10 destroyed vehicles. The base is also right beside the tower blocks accidentally bombed by Russian forces, which were made infamous by various photos.

Here is a sample:



Evidence of the Russian looting/searching for documents. They left quite a mess.


A safe door pulled off by Russian forces:


Four Georgian tanks destroyed as they made for higher ground. Most likely the result of aerial attack.


A pair of Russian made boots:


And the Georgian soldiers who were kind enough to let me look around, albeit following in the footsteps of my guide for fear of unexploded munitions.


The full set is here

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