Bank bailout in Ireland

Well while I was in Georgia the entire banking industry went into meltdown. And in Ireland the FF government has made the odd decision to guarantee all bank deposits in all banks. A €400bn bailout for the banks. We are in the tank for almost twice our own GDP.

Rightly, the EU is looking at this issue, as it may break trade rules. And how has the market responded? Credit default swaps on Irish debt, or the likelihood that Ireland will default on her bonds issues surged to record levels, 60 points.

From my initial reading, this is a bad deal for us and a lifesaver for banks who only last week we were told were entirely stable.






4 responses to “Bank bailout in Ireland”

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  2. Marketing consultant avatar

    Do you think that is there any hope for irish business in a short-term?

  3. Peter Lawless avatar

    The real question is – with Banks to lend an extra 10% to SMEs – what is the extra 10% based on? who is monitoring this – does any one care.

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    Adrisco Hantiell

    barack is a soft tyranny plain and simple