Business blogging

The Irish Times have started a business blog, with Laura Slattery and John Collins. It’s a good move, but why does the Irish Times insist that I click “more” to read full posts? Just publish the full posts!

I have a roller on my mouse and can happily skim down the page. One cannot run out of room on a screen…unlike print.

2 thoughts on “Business blogging”

  1. At a wild guess, you get eyeballs on their adverts (and possibly to see which stories readers want to read in full, and which ones are left with just a headline.

    Expect the results on the data analysis of the “click through” to make their way in to editorials. Or not. Maybe its just the ads.

    For a business blog, it seems to make financial sense, less so for a personal, corporate or ad free blog

  2. Yea, I thought the same myself. But I don’t think it pays to annoy people. Or maybe it’s just me.

    They could surely put skycrapers along side and have them follow you down or something, I would find that easier to ignore than having to click more.

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