Joe Behan resigns

I can’t help but think it would have been more effective to resign as a TD, not just from FF.

Update: I’ve just heard a rumour that Noel O’Flynn has also resigned from FF. Will try and find out if it’s true. Hmm nothing confirmed yet, but at the very least he will not vote in support of the legislation. Nah, he hasn’t resigned. Gutless wonder.

3 thoughts on “Joe Behan resigns”

  1. No no no – I think what Joe Behan has done is far more effective.

    I have no doubt that he would have been elected as TD if he’d originally run as an Independent. He has genuine integrity, and I admire his honesty in saying that for the past year or so, he has, due to party loyalty, ‘defended the indefensible’. He can’t act according to his conscience while adhering to the policies of Fianna Fáil at the moment. Therefore he was left with no alternative.

    Wicklow needs a Dáil representative who will act in a way which is in the country’s interests. I honestly believe that Joe Behan can fulfill that role, now that he is has become independent.

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