Obama rally in Virginia

I have uploaded some initial photos into a Flickr set you can see here. I had access to the press gallery so was able to take some reasonably good shots. I took some of the press corps themselves, including some of BBC journalist Jon Sopel, who was doing a live broadcast for the BBC 9 o’clock news.

Here he is just before the broadcast;




And the man himself:


And here was a fighter jet passing in the distance, with what looks like a press helicopter hovering.


I have some videos too, will upload them once I get some sleep.






5 responses to “Obama rally in Virginia”

  1. Adrian Russell avatar
    Adrian Russell

    Nice pics.

    hook me up with a large obama t-shirt and ill sort you out when you get back?

    is conor eating enough?

  2. Gavin avatar

    No worries Mr Russell. Conor will let you know.

  3. Ian avatar

    We were at the rally too and got some really really cool photos – I’ll try and upload them soon

  4. dena avatar

    I attended the rally with my best friend and our two seven year olds. Enjoyed your pictures.

  5. fare resimleri avatar

    I don't think Obama is so sucessful as many people think.