Obama Cleveland rally

I am in the Heroes Bar and Grill here in Cleveland, the Obama event is due to start in a couple of hours. It’s been a fantastic drive from Washington, the weather has been warm all the way, and traffic was non-existent. It’s also a beautiful day here on the shores of Lake Eerie, and it looks as if the crowds gatherng to see Obama and The Boss will be far larger than the rally in Virgina Beach last week.

I will update on Twitter, and upload some photos almost as soon as the event is over… hopefully.

Update: You can look at my photos and videos of the event over here.

One thought on “Obama Cleveland rally”

  1. Hope you enjoyed yourself at Local Heroes. I’m the night manager there. Your twitter stream came up while I was searching for pics from the Obama rally.

    Tweet me @grifta67 next time you’re in, I’ll buy you a drink!

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