PAC inquiry witnesses

Will Molloy turn up?

Witnesses for Meeting of 4 December

Committee Room 1 Leinster House 10.00 a.m.

Mr. Peter McLoone, Chairman of the Board
Mr Christy Cooney – Assistant Director General, Human Resources/Organisation Development/Public Affairs
Mr Donal Sands – Assistant Director General, Finance & Information Technology
Mr Patrick Kivlehan- Director -Internal Audit
Mr. Niall Saul, Board Member, Chairman of the Board Audit Sub-Committee
Mr. Jim Coughlan, Director South East Regions
Mr Denis Rowan, ADG Employment Services
Mr Rody Molloy

Department of the Enterprise, Trade and Employment
Mr. Dermot Mulligan, Assistant Secretary, Labour Force Development

Department of Finance
Ms. Gráinne McGuckin, Principal Officer

Office of the Comptroller and Auditor General
Mr. John Buckley, Comptroller and Auditor General

3 thoughts on “PAC inquiry witnesses”

  1. He’s incapable of facing the music, despite the fact all he’s going to get is a roasting. It’s his “entitlement” not to show. That is to say, if Rody Molloy believes that by bowing out and getting a half mil golden cockshake means he doesn’t now have to account for squandered and embezzled millions, then it must be true.

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