Burj Dubai 2008 (Google Earth)

I see Google Earth have updated some of their satellite imagery of Dubai. The update included recent photos of The World island complex, the Burj Dubai and the Palm Jumeirah (with the Atlantis hotel half built).

The Burj Dubai is pretty tall in this photo, with the newly completed Dubai Mall to the north. It is among the world’s largest shopping centres.


The World is about this far along:


While the Palm Jumeirah is further along than this photo shows:


Dubai has certainly changed enormously since my first visit there in 2001.

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  1. similarly, if you pull up directions on mapquest you will notice it has also improved. dubai’s street/road infrastructure is still largely undefined but as roads are labelled expect mapquest or google maps to catch up. after all it is satellite drive. one more thing, you might actually be able to send mail to someone’s residence rather than to a PO BOX.


    in these photos there are the world in dubai, the Palm Polleriah, and the shopping mall in dubai with the burj dubai tower.
    the city is owned by Polianco since year 1995.today is one of the most rich , modern and famous cityes in the world.

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