Brian Cowen

Bad Taoiseach or the worst Taoiseach?

Will all the cuts lead to wholescale industrial action?

Can Cowen actually lead the country? Can he hold more than one press conference a year?






4 responses to “Brian Cowen”

  1. pgm avatar

    gavin, i think he is out of his depth unfortunately. too little too late. i hope i am wrong.

  2. Gavin Sheridan avatar
    Gavin Sheridan

    I fear you are right. He is utterly out of his depth.

  3. p g murtagh avatar
    p g murtagh

    unfortunately, Gavin. he has a simple mantra of cut public spending and probably raise taxes…..he needs to be looking at some creative options to help get things going again. like a fannie mae/freddie mac type agency for ireland – it was the foundation of home ownership in the US since the 30s and worked incredibly well until they started messing about 10 years ago. so, with the lessons learned, something similar could work incredibly well for ireland. 30/25/20 year fixed rate amortizing mortgages – with appropriate credit qualification. anyway, one of many ideas the govt should start considering – soon – and start trying to get on the front foot. hope the weekend is going well. all the best, pm

  4. Paddy avatar

    Unfortunately for this country almost ALL our politicians who have been ‘reigning’ for the last 15 years are out of their depth.
    Those who should have done the job didn’t and those who were supposed to be our opposition were of no value.
    Not alone do we need a revamp of the (w)bankers, we seriously need a brand new set of politicians…one’s with brains this time!