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22 thoughts on “Christian Bale loses it”

  1. Everyone’s right that he shouldn’t lose his temper, however, one has to realise that if an actor’s work is immortalised, and criticised after being enlarged to 20 feet high on a screen, he or she has to be very cautious of the work that is shown. I’ve worked on many sets where, in close ups and intimate scenes, all people are removed from the star’s line of sight. This isn’t being precious, this is to ensure that the actor can remain in character, because the slightest flicker of distraction registers in the eyes of the character. The actor is so fine tuned and listening with every fibre of their being that it can cost them an Oscar nomination if their acting isn’t consistent. This may sound like bullshit, but it’s just how artists work at elite level. It just ruins the artist part when they lose their rags. Plus the fact that they’re all batshit crazy.

  2. In response to Ben’s comment, I understand that an actor must always be at their best, i understand that sometimes and actor might loose his/her temper once in a while, but what i fail to comprehend is how Christian can treat somebody with such disregard and humiliate them in front of the entire set. This was not just a case of an actor under pressure, this was somebody who feels they are above everyone else and has the right to cut loose at them without giving them a chance to speak. What a disgraceful display put on by Mr. Bale.

  3. yeah ben, i’m sure bale was going for an oscar in “terminator”. he’s probably pissed because ledger out-acted him in his last movie.

  4. I have been searching for a website that I could post my thoughts on the Bale tantrum. I just heard his pathetic, childish, unprofessional outrage. He called the other guy unprofessional. Hello Christian. You have lost a lot of fans. I wish you were talking to me (or should I say yelling).

    Christian Balen, you are a LOSER!!!

  5. It really angered me to hear him trash talk that guy in that way and no one stand up to him and say enough is enough. It’s disgusting how we never tell “celebrities” (he is JUST an actor) that they can’t do something. It degrades us as humans. Is it that normal people don’t get annoyed and distracted at work everyday? An outburst like that would not be acceptable in the real world. He deserves to be reprimanded and he should issue a very sincere apology… I think Ben is right, actors are often pretty crazy. But i love acting too and i would hate myself if i ever allowed myself to treat someone so poorly because i couldnt handle the size of my own ego. What a prick…

  6. Yes, getting angry because someone screwed up your shot is one thing. At the very worst it could call for a ‘Why did you screw that up? What are you doing? Get the **** of my set!’

    But a 4 minute tirade with 36 F words?

    Come on.

    The other folks are right. He needs to apologize to the lighting guy.

    I like his movies but this really is not acceptable behavior for a professional. It’s gratuitous overkill and uncalled for humiliation.

  7. Look, cut him a break. He recently saved Gotham twice, before that he saved humanity from firebreathing dragons and now he’s saving HUMANITY FROM KILLER ROBOTS.
    The DP wasn’t very professional: in distracting Bale in a kissy scene with Bryce Dallas Howard Skynet might now have a tactical advantage. Are you going to tell a T-900 that you were looking at the light when he rips your head off Mr. Hurlbut?
    And isn’t the Hurlbut a popular dance from the forties?
    And wouldn’t sending your own father who doesn’t know he’s going to be your father back in time to protect your mother who actually used to date a lionman in Central Park before the robots from the future started trying to kill her and a naked guy turned up with guns to stop the robots and gets what lionman never got and made you and then he dies and you knew that was going to happen when you sent him back in time to save your mother so you could be born in the first place to send him back to sire you and die, well, wouldn’t that make you a little ticked off if someone distracted you?

  8. There are some who are in denial about it, hell, even me to a certain extent. He’s a very good actor, and he’s played a lot of roles. He’s one of my favorite, if not most favorite actor of all. But lets face the facts here, that shit was crazy and you all know it. Although it’s most likely due to psychological imbalance. There’s no way that behavior is normal.

    Reminds me of the guy who played Kramer. He just went bat shit insane. It was like you were witnessing a completely different person.

  9. I’m sorry, but I don’t buy that Allan. No matter who you are, you have no right to treat people like that. He was not “a little ticked off” you are minimizing his responsibility in this and maximizing the victim’s.

    I don’t care what kinda movie he’s “getting ready” for. There are people with far more important jobs, doctors, activists etc that have to deal with waaaaaaaaay more stressful situations than lighting.

    Bottom line: Unacceptable behaviour.

  10. honestly, sure actors need to focus and be in the moment, but if he would have spoken like this to me i would have fecking smacked him in the face
    what a little shit

  11. Listen, these films are worth millions of dollars, and if this guy is going to walk into scenes all the time and ruin a performance Im glad someone takes it serivously.
    Maybe thats why his work is so good.
    And honestly if you dont work in an office setting with constricting rules and a total sense of outrage at everything, then youve heard people flip out before.
    I wasn’t even shocked.
    So what? Stay out of the scenes and you wont get yelled at.
    People think its not fair, but obviously it was a continuing trend and Mr. Bale was frustrated.
    And even though I would have handled it differently, this is how things work sometimes… ask around.

  12. Come on Tyler. Nobody is justifying the DP’s actions, especially if it wasn’t the first time.

    Bale can get angry. Bale can take the guy aside and even threaten his job (even though it isn’t his right to do so), he can even have a little tizzy for a few seconds.

    But 4 minutes of a mindless tirade, swearing not just at the DP but even the assistant director? There is a few times when he becomes condescending to the DP and doesn’t give a rip what he has to say all the while throwing out rhetorical questions buried in ‘F’ to simply humiliate him, not looking for a reasonable answer.

    Bale was out of line and over the top, plain and simple.

    People should quit trying to justify this baby-ish, immature and completely unprofessional attitude that should garner a lawsuit, not apologetics to defend him.

  13. What an absolute prick, Thats the short and the long of it. You should never speak to someone like that. I guarantee he wouldn’t have done that to a guy that was bigger than him. This poor Lighting guy sounds a little meek and scared if you ask me. He’s only an actor not God.
    He needs to go to councelling big time, has to be one of the most angry men out there…….. Didn’t he just get arrested for a big fight with his family recently.

    The man is a cock. And a lunatic.

    All the money in the world won’t make him a better person.

    Born a knob and he’ll die a knob

  14. I think Bale had a good reason to get ad BUT he could of done it better like. “HEY…C’mon man i’m trying to do a scene here the lights can wait 5 mins” AND the DP should know better to fuck around during a scene i know they are in charge of the shot and stuff but lights can wait. They were both wrong on both sides

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