Prieur du Plessis on Ireland

Prieur du Plessis on Ireland:

I am spending the next few days in Europe on a short business trip. First stop is Dublin where the temperature is icy, the mood is dour, property prices are plunging, the queues for jobless claims are five hours long, the soon-to-be-unemployed are holding protest strikes, and the banks are on the edge of a financial precipice. Yes, it may be a movie with different actors, but the plot is the same as in many other countries.

Lately I feel like we are all on a train, about to hit a brick wall, and we are going in slow motion. The latest stuff on IL&P and Anglo is par for the course, and tip of the iceberg.

Correction: Mistake on name of the poster

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  1. Being a blog writer myself, I really appreciate the time you took in wriitng this article. I am currently reading it on my Blackberry and will scan it once I get home.

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