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I have to ask this because I was showing some of my fellow bloggers at the Fianna Fail Ard Fheis the figures. How many people were following the liveblogging exactly? It’s not an easy thing to measure, but some of the indications are pretty surprising.

I was taking photos with my iPhone and tweeting them, while tagging with the agreed #ffaf. The first picture I took, of Mark Coughlan in the media centre, has had over 1,000 views. Further photos I took while Lenihan et al were speaking live on television, received similar numbers. This one of Mary Coughlan got 888 views. This one of Lenihan got another 762 views. A picture of Suzy at her laptop got 633 views.

I am pretty amazed by those figures, I had no idea so many people were following the conversation.

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  1. would be interesting to get a breakdown by country Gavin, if possible.

    it might go some way to answer some questions:

    does internet technology speak to the wider diaspora outside of Ireland and engage them, or is this, for now, an exclusively irish-only phenomenon?

    has the recession peaked interest amongst the irish abroad for all things political back home? if the figures are overwhelmingly “abroad” , might this be a sign of it. and if that is that case – how do we engage with the irish abroad in coming up with solutions to the problems ireland now faces.

    if the figure is exclusively all irish , with little engagement abroad, the next question is therefore – how do we engage and promote ireland with the diaspora and get them engaged? how do we network with them?

  2. and by the way – those photos. in my own case , i probably only hit them the once and moved on, as #ffaf and slugger livechat was pretty active and fast moving at times.

    so the hit rates are pretty accurate versus actual people viewing – doubtful if folks were re-hitting the same photos over and over again.

  3. Those are great figures to have. I admit I’m surprised. Thought ScribbleLive’s homepage aggregator suggested that the numbers watching there rarely went over 20-30 at any given moment, that doesn’t take account of people following the #ffaf tag on Twitter Search. From both the reaction since and your figures it seems as though cumulatively that was a reasonably significant audience.

  4. simon -> i didnt follow scribblelive to be honest. was a bit of memory hog , a bit slow…

    twitter #ffaf search was a bit more lightweight.

  5. Twitpic dont offer that breakdown Justin, so can’t answer.

    @Simon They are much higher stats than I expected!

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