Cowen's painting

Actually, strike the previous post.

Who the fuck do the Government think they are?

Who the fuck does Brian Cowen think he is?

How many of our previous Taoisigh gave a fuck about respecting the Office of the Taoiseach? Bertie Ahern? Charlie Haughey?

Who the fuck does the Government press office think they are?

What the fuck is wrong with RTE? Have they no fucking cahones? National broadcaster my ass. Government broadcaster is what they should be known as, or perhaps Fianna Fail propaganda outlet.

What the fuck are we going to do about this?

Damien has some excellent suggestions, and the Irish blogosphere is up in arms. Let’s start by posting Alan’s excellent cartoon of Mr Cowen.


9 thoughts on “Cowen's painting”

  1. T-shirts with prints of the paintings.

    They’ll sell well and piss them off big time.

    Doubt the artist in question will mind.

  2. Growup, we got tshirts already up and running. proceeds to charity.
    at spreadshirt

    Great post gavin, still struggling to get past it myself. I cant believe that they caved in, in all of Ali Campbell’s time they never got that kind of craven backing down.

  3. Honestly, why are people surprised? Remember Scrap(ped) Saturday? There are more besides. The only difference now is that the Internet gives voice to those who want freedom of expression to prevail.

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