Kaplan on Afghanistan

From the latest issue of the Atlantic, Kaplan with an analysis of what’s brewing in Aghanistan. I love the conclusion:

“This is not easy shit,” says one American Army colonel. “But what’s the alternative?” That’s why American Brig. Gen. John Nicholson, Jr. says that what is required is “strategic patience.” The U. S. military has already been in Afghanistan half as many years as it was in Vietnam, and with troops pulling out of Iraq and talk of a multi-year hard slog ahead here, Afghanistan is on track to becoming America’s longest war. To that end, significant numbers of American officers and civilian contractors will be embedded in Afghan government ministries for years to come, helping to run things. But does the home front have the stomach for it? Our reaction to the fighting about to unfold this summer will speak volumes.

Easy shit it ain’t.

2 thoughts on “Kaplan on Afghanistan”

  1. Yea between him and Fallows the Atlantic never fails to impress. I’ve read him regularly since 2003, but not any of his books yet, I’ll take a look.

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