Ansbacher account holders

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Category A: List of persons who beneficially owned funds in Ansbacher 281
Category B: List of persons who were clients of Ansbacher through College Trustees
Category C: List of persons who were clients of Ansbacher through Jack Stakelum
Category D: List of persons whose sole involvement was the establishment of Ansbacher trusts to which they never transferred any assets
Category E: List of persons for whom Ansbacher conduced business other than the holding of funds
Category E (i): List of persons to whom Ansbacher provided loans in the ordinary course of business
Category E (ii): List of persons provided with an Ansbacher company for the purpose of purchasing property
Category E (iii): List of persons who owned Ansbacher-managed companies which were potential beneficiaries of the Lynbrette Trust

Category A

Roger Ballagh (Solicitor)
Mrs Frances Elizabeth Barrett
John Barrett
Jesus Barrios
Maria Barrios
Tony Barry (CRH chairman)
Sir John Birkin
Captain RG Bryce
John Byrne (Property developer, received 17.5m in back to back loans)
Patrick Carty
Beatrice Carty
DHA Cecil
Ronald Chambers (Robert Wilson & Sons)
Samuel Clarke (Crampton Housing)
Henry Cleeve (Co Killkenny)
Patrick Clonan

Kevin Collery
Kathleen Collery
Padraig Collery
Cornelius “Neil” Collins (Heffernan’s Travel, Cork)
Dr Patrick Finbarr (Barrie) Collins
Lady Carole Conyngham (Formerly Ms Carole Power Yorker)
Hugh Coveney (TD)
George Crampton
Captain WR Cuffe Smith
James (Jim) Culliton (CRH, Former chairman RTE authority, chairman AIB)
Dr Michael Dargan (CRH, Aer Lingus, Bank of Ireland)
Brian Dennis (EBS)
Charles TG Dillon
Terence Dixon (Solicitor)
David Doyle (Son of PV Doyle, hotelier)
PV Doyle
Helen Downes (Guinness & Mahon)
James Durkin (Builder)
James Sidney East (Crampton Housing)
Francis Augustine Eastwood (Scrap metal, Belfast)
Stephen Enoch
Victor Enoch
Bernard Etzin (Brother Ireland)
Sam Field-Corbett
John Finnegan (Estate agent, £2m in back to back loans)
Desmond Fitzgerald
Eileen Fitzgerald
Raymond Fitzgerald
Marjorie Sue Fitzgibbon
Denis Foley (TD)
Fruit Imports of Ireland (Now Fyffes)
Arthur Gibney (architect)
Francis Glennon (Insurance)
Paul Goode (Racehorses)
Christopher Goosen (Super Ser)
Claire Griffin (Partner of Frank Glennon)
James Griffin Jnr
Jennifer Guinness (Widow of John Guinness of Guinness & Mahon)
John Guinness
Frank Hall
Charles Haughey (TD)
Gerald Hickey (solicitor, CRH, New Ireland, ICC)
Jorge Hine
Margo Hine
Denis Jackson (dentist, Monkstown Co Dublin)
Thomas Jackson (Monarch Properties)
Jamila Pty Ltd
William Kearney (Obstetrician, College Road, Cork)
John Kennedy (Sheelin Homes)
Dr Colm Killeen (GP)
Richard Lawes
Frank Lee (Rochestown, Cork, Westboro Investments Ltd)
Michael Leyden
Dorothy Leyden
James Henry (Harry) Lindsay]
Joseph Clayton Love Jnr (Property developer, Cork)
Brian Lynam (Builder)
Edward Lynam (Builder)
Eileen Lynam (Former personal assistant to Irish Times editor Conor Brady)
James Lynam
Mary Lynam
Hedli McNeice (Widow of the poet Louis)
Mary Meagher McCarroll (architect)
Patrick McCarroll (architect)
Liam McGonagle (solicitor)
Sean McKeon (Property developer)
Thomas McLaughlin
Patrick McNamee (Fyffes)
Susan Sheridan Mack
Mary Maher
Sir George Mahon (Guinness & Mahon)
Alexander Major
Augustina Russek de Malamud
Carlos David Malamud
German Malamud
Isaac Carlos Malamud
Joseph Malone (Bord Failte, Aer Lingus)
Ronald Markham
Jean Peterson
John Masek
Basil Mawdsley (Thomson International)
Prof Anthony J Merrett
Geoffrey Miller (GB Miller & Son)
Jerome Morris (civil engineering)
Joseph Morris
Martin Morris
Stephen Morris
Thomas Morris
John Mulhern (Owns Clayton Love Ltd, Century Radio shareholder, son-in-law of Charles Haughey)
James Murray (Farmer, Co Meath)
William Navan Snr
Maurice Neligan (Surgeon)
Patricia Neligan (Doctor)
Olivier Nicol
Michael O’Keefe (accountant, banker)
Maurice O’Kelly (Guinness & Mahon)
O’Reilly Aerlod Ltd
Diarmud O’Reilly-Hyland
Ken O’Reilly-Hyland (Board of the Central Bank)
Michael O’Shea (solicitor, partner of McGonagle)
John Oppermann (Restauranter)
Eileen Oppermann
Pettit Int Ltd (Engineering)
Dr Michael Phelan
Marily Power (Suma Stud, Co Meath)
Fernando Pruna (Drug smuggler)
Eudelia Pruna
Seamus Purcell (Livestock)
Desmond Quirke (CRH)
Jeremy Robson
Sonia Rogers (Airlie Stud, Maynooth)
Captain Tim Rogers (Airlie)
John Savoy
Schwartz Management Co
Joseph Seeley (Westward Cable Ltd)
Sidney Seymour (G&T Crampton)
Nora Shanahan
Michael Shanley (Shanley Hotels)
John Sheridan (Florida)
Jack Stakelum
Sam Stephenson (Architect, designed Central Bank building)
Super Ser Ltd
Peter Tamburo
Kazuaki Tazaki (Brother International)
Carmel Traynor (Sister to Des)
Des Traynor
Joseph Turley Snr (Rathdown Motors)
Martin Turley
Charles Villiers (Guinness & Mahon)
Dr Oliver Waldron (Tara Mines)
Joseph Walsh (Kilkenny)
Ivan Webb (G&T Crampton)
Joan Wlliams (Traynor’s secretary)
Robert Willis (Irish Life, CRH, Banque National de Paris)
Robert Wilson
Wilson Bishop Tolley & Co Ltd
Adolf Franz Wojnar
Richard Wood (CRH)
Christopher Woodward (Guinness & Mahon)
Ronald Warren Woss (Australia)

Category B

Douglas Armstrong
Blue Jeans Ltd
JB Agencies Ltd
Ray Carroll (Murray Group)
Liam Cassidy
College Trustees Ltd
Tom Conaty
Stephen Daly (Teacher, Rathgar, ITP Travel Ltd)
William Forwood
Joyce Forwood
Ronald Fredette
Colm Hyland (GB Miller)
Denis McCarthy (Odearest, Beaumount Hospital, Leapordstown Racecourse)
Harold Murray (Murray Group)
Brian Rhatigan (Project management)

Category C

Margaret Clifford (Tralee, Co Kerry)
Thomas Clifford (Tralee, Princes Investments Ltd)
William Clifford (Tralee, Princes Investments Ltd)
Olga Gray (South Africa)
Gerard Keane (Paint and wallpaper business)
Austin Murray (architect)
William Quinn (Sutton, Co Dublin)
Eileen Veronica Quinn
Patrick Tolan (Rathfarnham, Co Dublin)

Category D

Neill McCann (Fyffes)
Philip Monahan (Property developer, Castleknock)
Alex Spain (KPMG)

Category E (i)

Vincent Ferguson (Independent News & Media, Fitzwilton, Atlantic Resources)
Celtic Helicopters
Colm McLoughlin

Category E (ii)

Barbara Breen (Windsor Nutrition)

Category E (iii)

Francis Boland (Port of Cork Company)
Patrick Dineen (Blackrock, Cork)

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  1. What’s the distinction between the various categories?

    And can I just ask you a question.

    Brian Rhatigan (Project management)

    Is this the same man who was responsible for building hundreds of houses in Castletown, Celbridge, one of which was occupied by Emer Haughey, wife of John Mulhern (Owns Clayton Love Ltd, Century Radio shareholder, son-in-law of Charles Haughey) Category A?

  2. Lady Conyngham – anything to Henry Mountcharles of Slane?
    Frank Hall – the partisan satirist of coalition Government, gifted sinecure as film censor by FF?
    Celtic Helicopters = Conor Haughey?

  3. Go raibh maith for publishing that interesting stuff. Interesting that the whole process of ‘openness and accountability’, Irish style should take 3 years. We are I fear, as yet a post-peasant reactionary society with secrets, lies and awe of truth dealing. the old nod and wink spit on the hand deal is our favoured modus operandi. You can see from my blog how long it took me to get my army files and yet I am being denied a fair trial and thus the ability to clear my good name. Plus ce change etc. le meas, Donal

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