Reports so far

Hopefully this list is about to get much longer:

Adobe Acrobat is needed to view most of these documents. Download it here.

Planning Tribunal
First Interim Report (.pdf) (1997)
Second Interim Report (.pdf) (2002)
Third Interim Report (.pdf)
Fourth Interim Report (.pdf) (2004)

Morris Tribunal

First report (Report on explosives ‘finds’ in Donegal)(.pdf) (2004)
Second report (Report on the investigation into the death of Richard Barron and the extortion calls to Michael and Charlotte Peoples) (.pdf) (2005)
Third report (Ardara)(.pdf)(2006)
Fourth report (Burnfoot)(.pdf)(2006)
Fifth report (Silver Bullet)(.pdf)(2006)

Moriarty Tribunal

First report of the Moriarty Tribunal (.pdf) (2006)


Report of the Inspectors Appointed to Enquire into the Affairs of Ansbacher (Cayman) Ltd

Comptroller and Auditor General

DIRT report (.doc)
PPARS report (.pdf) (2005)
Bord na gCon report (.pdf) (2008)

High Court Inspector

National Irish Bank Report (.pdf) (2004) (minus appendices)


Dean Lyons Report

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