6 thoughts on “Welcome to Ireland”

  1. I was recently at the AGM of AIB
    I can confirm that more than 90% of the poll I took of the shareholders present was seeking the sacking of the entire board!
    So how is it then that the entire board were re-elected again???
    There is no democracy at AGM’s and the ordinary shareholders do not have a say in the running of any of the banks full stop!!!
    The Government appointed directors are nothing more that wolves in sheep clothing!
    Mr Dick Spring has NO qualifications to sit on a toilet never mind the Board of AIB.
    Thomas Clarke

  2. I don’t understand why the people of Ireland are not out on the street every day demanding that these people are prosecuted

  3. I don’t see how Monageer could have been avoided.

    It wasn’t the Gov or the HSE or the Guards who killed those people.

    They were killed by the father.

    Pull the kids out from the home based on mumblings and mutteriings and the HSE would have been accused of destroying a functional family unit.

    The only solid evidence to remove the children was provided when it was too late. It’s a horrible fact of life but it’s a fact of life.

  4. @ Thomas Clarke


    Ye were happy enough when AIB shares were going through the roof. I don’t recall a whole lot of well endowed folk complaining that heir shares were rising in value (in case the Revenue conatacted them maybe)

    Guess what – Shares are just Gentlemens Bets and sometimes they lose.

  5. Why were the recommendations in the report censored out of existance?
    What damning statements were contained therein.?
    Like so much that goes on inside this corruption riddled incompetent government-we may never know.

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