Fianna Fail hammered

I can’t say I’m not pleased. Fianna Fail policies since 1997 have bankrupted the country. I am pleased the auctioneer councillor I ran from my door, Maurice Ahern (Cork), appears to have failed to get elected.

I will be relatively quiet for the rest of June, I overloaded on the Ryan Report/Election/Anglo/Party funding stories. Time for a time out.






4 responses to “Fianna Fail hammered”

  1. John McDermott avatar

    Bankrupted the country they certainly have Gavin, and they must never ever be allowed to forget it.If half the truth were known about their incompetence in almost every area of administration and every quango they have spawned in recent years there would be a revolution at the gates of Leinster House.
    It took the people too long to wake up to it though.
    Unfortunately many of them sat open mouthedly and watched the madness without squeek or protest.
    Too many of our young people have queued for endless hours for the opportunity of buying a one bed dogbox in suburbia Dublin.These are the most impacted victims,and the banks will shortly be faced with thousands of re-possessions of their negative equity homes,payment for which their dole money will certainly not sustain.
    Too many parents have presented their children with their inheritance to fatten the developers and landowner cronies of the Soldiers of Destiny.Some soldiers -some destiny.Now the common people begin to pay for the criminality as Seanie and Fingers and Neary and their ilk walk into the golden sunset with massive payoffs and secure pensions for life!!
    Now that Capitalism has been as thoroughly discredited worldwide-as was Communism in past decades where do we go from here?
    By the way if you only read one copy of the monthly “Village Magizine” read the June edition. Many fine articles on corruption/irish politics etc.

  2. Bock the Robber avatar

    They’ve screwed us all. They need to be annihilated.

  3. maggie avatar

    Sterling work to date Gavin – enjoy your break & I look forward to your return.

  4. Jack Feeney avatar

    …….The bastards should be strung up and would be at least handcuffed in lesser democracies. This NAMA bullshit should be stopped before these fuck wits squeeze in another Benchmarking or two from the national purse.

    Fair play to Bertie this time though: He did more for the opposition vote than anyone else. His appearance with de brudda at Ken Loachs opening did for the party what Twink did for Fine Gael all those years ago.

    A French friend of mine recently asked me……..’if Bertie Ahern resigned as Prime Minister amid allegations or corruption, how come he was on TV for the elections?’

    We need a revolution…………….!