The John O'Donoghue files (Part 2 – Birmingham/London)

Next up is the O’Donoghue trip to Birmingham via Manchester and London. More costs included: Almost €10,000 on car hire from Cartel (yes that’s what the company is called, owned by Mayo man Terence (Terry) Gallagher, see this thread). Another highlight was a late dinner with JP McManus.

I should note that I am scanning these docs as I got them from the Department. There may be duplicate docs in this, but everything is organised by the respective trip, insofar as possible.

For future reference, If I black out anything, I will state so. All redactions in the documents below were done by the Department.

Have at it:


13 thoughts on “The John O'Donoghue files (Part 2 – Birmingham/London)”

  1. Just curious if the blackened (crossed out) parts of the docs were done by the Dept or yourself?

  2. Hi Gavin, occasional reader of this excellent site. Just wanted to say keep up the sterling work – what you’re doing at that moment is excellent stuff. This country needs to build up a huge head of steam to blow these cretins out, and you’re helping us get there.

    I think a big difference this time around is that never before had the public had a tool (the internet) to keep themselves informed and connected during a time of crisis and unprecedented mistrust of the government. Time will tell HOW effective it will be. But keep it up one way or the other.

  3. sterling work gavin.

    10k on car hire? WHAT THE F**K???

    the Westminster MP expenses scandal is small beans compared to this!

  4. Great work, Can’t believe it costs so much to hire a car!!! These gobstites are happy spending away at taxpayers expense.

  5. Can the entry on itinerary (Brm01) for March 16 be for real? Cos if that’s a visit to a horse race, then somebody must be having somebody on…..

    “Minister and Mrs O’Donoghue to attend Royal Box. Arrangements by A Coppell”

  6. Great work. Hope it helps up the pressure in the media on JO’D.

    Notice that T Gallagher put in a few hefty bills. Whats the story with the 2006 figures(file 10), 7591 for airport pickup, thats over half a year’s dole payments.

  7. this is just crazy spending. why? because they are all at it. we need a change of government. come to think of it we need a revolution; but the irish are too nice. we only have a go at the english. what about nama? isnt this just to bail out the friends of bertie etc. we are been ridden to death by our politicians

  8. I notice on that last pdf, brm10, that he stayed somewhere called “The Lowry Hotel” in England, and ran up a bill of 1667 euros. That’s extracting the urine a bit now – swanning it up in a hotel that bears the name of another politician in this country heavily linked with corruption… What next, “Cocktails at the The Haughey Mews, Belvedere – 10,240 euros”

    I checked that hotel’s website out of curiousity – not too shabby, and the suites are only 900 STG a night nowadays. A snip in these recessionary times. Prices are probably down from 2006. Represents very good value for the taxpayer should another of our elected goons pulls another “Loreal” and decides that they’re “worth it”.

  9. what are the odds on john o donaghue seeing that he has overspent on our behalf making a donation to charity? but you have to admit all these lads are patriots. they transverse the globe on our behalf, they sometimes bring their wives their mistresses, their boyfriends. shur whats wrong with that? shur didnt you and i elect these people. now obedient citizens do what ye are told/ back NAMA or else the banks wont lend you any money Come to think of it they wont even lend you your own money. We have given them the poor taxpayer a bailout and be shure to raise your cap when you see a bank official coming like your father did. Also do what ye are told and vote for Lisbon. as well We have to get Bertie into the PARK. Finally i want all the citizens of IRELAND TO GO AND READ A BOOK CALLED ANIMAL FARM WHERE IT STATES ALL CITIZENS ARE EQUAL BUT SOME ARE MORE EQUAL THAN OTHERS is this not the ireland of today?

  10. Do I understand this right. O’Donoghue and the Mrs leave Kerry at 18.25 on 12th March, and stay overnight in the UK (hotel paid for presumably). He gets €452.97 and she gets €71.46 in “subsistence”. What for? Did they spend €524.43 on meals for the two of them between 18.25 and midnight?

    Then on 16th she gets another €34.40, but is in the Royal Box at lunchtime. Did they charge her for lunch in the Royal Box?

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