The Anglo 10 named

Via the Sunday Times business section:

1. Gerry Gannon, owner of the k-club. (Profile)
2. Joe O’Reilly, developer.
3. Seamus Ross, developer. (Profile)
4. Jerry Conlan, healthcare. (Profile)
5. John McCabe, builder. (Website)
6. Patrick Kearney, developer. (Not sure which P Kearney this is)
7. Paddy McKillen, investor. (SBP profile)
8. Brian O’Farrell, developer and auctioneer. (Website)
9. Gerry Maguire, developer. (Can’t find much on this)
10. Sean Reilly, builder. (Website)

Another interesting angle today too (seems like a newsdump). Brian Cowen/FF allegedly received a total of €65,000 in donations from member(s) of this group and others, a few weeks before the 10 met to arrange the Anglo share support operation. Cowen is said to have received it in €5,000 tranches for Fianna Fail, the Mail on Sunday reported.

Edit – Correction – blame the head cold

5 thoughts on “The Anglo 10 named”

  1. Gavin thanks for this. I got it via Twitter from Tim Nelligan. However when I tried to find the Sunday Times report on line, my search found nothing. Perhaps it's too fresh.
    Just to let you know I've used your piece in a post on my blog.

  2. Don't forget: Seanie Fitzpatrick telephoned Ulick McEvaddy that night to ask him to be “one of the ten”, but McEvaddy missed the call. That makes him a de facto member of the golden circle, though not directly involved in this specific transaction.

  3. So all Enda Kenny's poncing about over this and all the insinuations that there was a “seinor” FF figure/figures on the list… blah, blah, blah turned out to be complete bunkum?

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