The missing €270,000

Here’s a question for everyone:

Add these numbers and what do you get?




But according to the Houses of the Oireachtas Commission document, it’s not. Here is a screen grab from the document, for 2007 spending:

Screen shot 2009-09-06 at 01.46.02

€113.868 million?

That leaves one question. Where is the other €270,000?

I’ve tabulated the document into a public spreadsheet.







2 responses to “The missing €270,000”

  1. P O'Neill avatar

    Two thoughts. For 2009, €270,000 shows as the grant to the British-Irish parliamentary body. Maybe it was the same for 2007 and for some reason they didn't count it as their expenditure.

    But we really need to see that redacted line in the table.

  2. arag0rn avatar

    Scary document and a great catch Gavin…

    another item which I would be really interested in knowing the background to would be the E9.46mil in 'incidental' expenses in the Admin section….

    Looking at the lines above and below it, travel / communications / IT / and basic occupancy charges are already captured. So what is the 9+ million actually covering.

    If I understand their terminology correctly there are 840 people covered in these figures. Thats about E11k per head… Wonder what it means. (Might be obvious, but I can't see it)….

    Post-its and loo roll?