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I’ve made a stab at tracking the web of companies that fall under the various Morston Investments companies. There are a number of curious facts about these companies, clues of which can be found in some of the locations and names of companies. The number after each company name is my own, to help me distinguish between the various Morstons.

Liam Carroll spreadsheet

I was especially curious about Morston UK. Mr Carroll does not appear anywhere on the company information for the UK firm. However, Morston UK has a Dutch subsidiary called Vantive Finance (interesting name), which in turn has an Irish subsidiary called Vantive CC (which does list Mr Carroll as a director). Why this complex structure? And who are the curious pair who direct Morston UK? (more on that later).

Another curious name to pop up relates to Morston (4). The holding companies all contain typical directorships (Carroll and Pope), bar one. That directorship in one of the subsidiaries (Zoe OptionGrantco) is one Ms Natalia Romanova, according to company information, who is based in Dublin.

Thoughts anyone?

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  2. Usually when you see Dutch companies in the chain, it's because of some tax planning issue. There are things about Dutch tax laws that seem to make it a good place to which to remit royalties. There is not necessarily anything wrong with this.

    I couldn't find Natalia in the Dublin phone directory. Did you get her home address? I am sure that nobody has registered a directorship to a fictitious person or a pseudonym. That would be very bad.

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