14 thoughts on “Green Party programme wordle”

  1. Difficult to find an appropriate term to allocate to this rubbish, I suppose the nearest thing I can think of at this time is, lies, damn lies, and NO statistics.

    It certainly is an aspiration, and nothing more than that. They have not given one statistic of how they propose to achieve anything.

    This is the easiest re negitation FF ever had.

    Just a few points.

    Ending Homelessness has been a policy document since august 2008.
    A civil appeal court already exists.
    A referendum on childrens rights has already been agreed to
    Take further steps, towards a universal health service. ( I really don't know what means ) perhaps someone might enlighten me.
    A levy to be inroduced on banks, if nama makes a loss. ( The last time a levy was introduced on banks, the very next day, the banks increased their customer charges, and passed it all on to the consumer)

    These are just a few, I won't bore you with going through them all, but I feel very sure that the opposition will pick them all apart in minute detail in the comming week. I think christmas has come early for the opposition. The word I think I was looking for at the beginning was, pathetic!

  2. Just heard the Greens passed everything, so it's eight green bottles headin for the dole, very shortly.

    Just been reading about their plan to re develop the GPO as a New Abbey Theatre, I'm betting that comes up for discussion a lot in most households these days.? . I bet a lot of people can't sleep at night worrying about it.

    I have only one question ' Why would any sane person want to do that '
    I know we need to build a new theatre, and I support such a proposal, but why would anyone want to destroy a functional historical building,
    maybe we could turn the Four Courts into a new Carlton Cinema Complex, when we're at it.

  3. i believe they will agree to anything to cling to power and have no principles. i think they may have gained some sort of respect if they had walked away now but have lost all credability and will end up like the late pds.

  4. Turkeys dont vote for Christmas, and this coming one may be the last ever, for the Greens.Interesting there was a guy from the “Senior European Greens” floating around the RDS outside the gig in Ballsbridge looking for recruits and totally opposed to the Irish version of “Green”.

    Please ask the Greens what help a petrol tax will be in reducing
    carbon emissions from the twenty thousand taxis who endlessy traverse the
    cities of Ireland nightly,belching exhaust fumes into the streets, and who have almost no parking facilities
    or taxi ranks to cater for even 5% of their deregulated and excessive numbers?

  5. i think we all know why trevor sargent wants the ceann comhairle job,after the next election he would probably be the only green left as the ceann comhairle doesent need reelection the rest will be shunned by voters.

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