12 thoughts on “Fuck you Deputy Stagg”

  1. Gogarty not only sounds like an uneducated ‘oik’ but he dispels any thoughts to the contrary with this performance. Scenes like this only serve to further convince me that democracy is a flawed model.

  2. Funny way for a deputy Gogarty to hand in his notice! He is going to loose his fu****g seat for the good of the country, sound about right!

  3. Poor little Paul was ganged up on in the play ground.
    Pity he wouldnt have the sense to go back to his office and do something useful. All he really needs to do- for his party- is stick the hand up when required. He wont sell that budget to the majority of his constituency anyway- but he is right; it has to be done.
    A pity also that he cursed at Stagg. Again- he was right to f Stagg out of it but immediately lost the battle on doing so in that forum.
    It would have been far better to ask Stagg to crawl back into the moral cesspit he inhabited the night he was met by gardai with a rent boy in his car in the phoenix park.
    Perhaps Gogarty neednt worry about his seat- when the Irish electorate are capable of reelecting Stagg time and time again they are obviously capable of forgetting anything. There might be hope for Gogarty yet!

  4. Gogarty´s gang picked a bad time to sleep with dogs, and their so called “carbon tax” on fuel we need like a hole in the head.
    Fianna Fail love the idea of their bedfellows promulgating new taxes and take to them with relish, because they sidetrack much of the flak from themselves.
    If the Greens are still propping up the Soldiers of Destiny when the new water meters charges/taxes and property taxes are added next year-the Gogarties etc. will disappear off the face of the earth-forever.
    (Bad cess to them!)
    I cannot stand self righteous proselytising of this nature from the assortment of pimps who have lain in Bertie’s bed all these years; the Destiny Soldiers’ own sentinels and guardians..whether they be PDs’; Healy Raes’ Loweryies’McDaidites, Greens’
    renegades,opportunists one and all chewed up and spit out in the end by the most cunning of the power hungry opportunists who have all conspired(Labour and Fine Gael too) in one way or another to destroy the irish nation.

  5. I’ve voted for Stagg the last two times around. Sure, he was caught with a rent boy, but in fairness – how does this impact his work as a TD? As far as I’m concerned, prostitution should be legal, and what he does in his personal life is none of my business. So it doesn’t bother me in the slightest.

    I’d be more concerned about the population that votes in Fine Fail time after time. They may not have been caught with rent boys, but of the two who’s done the most damage to the country and to the respectability of the Dail? It ain’t Stagg anyways.

  6. Well I’m American so this kind of news doesn’t really leak out over here, but i came across this problem because I saw a video turning what he said into a song. So i thought that i would go and see why he said that , and what economic mess is going on over there? ( i don’t know cause America has its own economic problems too) But every time i come across a video hopping to see what actually happened, it ends up saying that it had been taken off (which bothers me kind of suspicious how they are not letting an important factor out). So yes if anybody could tell me what happened or send a video ( a video is recommended so I can personal judgment on it) would be nice thank you!

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