Cowen to appear for bank inquiry?

You would have to wonder whether you could call the proposal for a bank inquiry an ‘inquiry’ at all. It certainly does not appear to have much in the way of grilling the people who caused the mess, or of dealing with the decisions post September 2008, all of which were the critical ones.

I made the point earlier to Senator Dan Boyle (who is said to have offered his resignation over the inquiry). I tweeted to him: “…forgive my cynicism then. Will I see TV pictures of our leaders for the past 12 years being held to account for their decisions?”

To which he replied:


Brian Cowen, at least, is a start. But Bertie Ahern, being the Taoiseach who oversaw the entire period would be another must see. And Messrs McCreevy (Finance), Cullen, Dempsey, Roche and Gormley (Environment) would be others. As I said to Mr Boyle, accountability behind closed doors is not accountability. Accountability must be seen to be done, a bit like justice. Getting a report at the end of a process is not enough.

But then accountability seems to be a rather novel concept to most of our politicians.

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4 thoughts on “Cowen to appear for bank inquiry?”

  1. What else do you expect but a “closed doors” charade.
    Its like asking the Mafia to hold an investigation into the Mafia!
    No point in enquiries at least until there is a change of government,though not sure if Kenny has the cojones for one either.
    Posturing in opposition is one thing. Action in power-another
    Both parties are two sides of the same penny..

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