Author: Gavin Sheridan

  • Iraq need not be a Vietnam?

    This article I meant to post earlier. The LA Times, good on occasion for opinion/editorial pieces carries it. Robert Hunter (former US ambassador to NATO) points out that experience, information and knowledge will mean that any US endeavours in Iraq will be nothing like its Vietnam experience.

  • Broadband as standard

    Interesting is the difference between the US and Europe on this one. While over where we languish in the dark ages with regard to broadband availability, over in the US houses are being built with fibre-optic already installed, with internet access at very high speeds 🙂

  • I were on holidays!

    I know I should update this thing alot more often, but these days the only people reading it are my relations from across the globe! Hello Kevin, Peter, Bryan, Aileen, and Anthony (the ignorant fecker). hehe Anyways I had a great time in Gatwick visiting my better half. We stayed in the Meridien which was…

  • A treatise on coincidence

    The New York Times is carrying a lengthy story about coincidence. It is a long and well written piece, and one that I found very amusing. Just I would not place much credence in coincidence. 🙂

  • Invade Iraq?

    The Bishop Colin Bennetts makes some interesting point in his article on Iraq in the Guardian today. Regardless of Mr. Barretts religious views, I do agree with the points he makes. The British public will find it hard to accept an invasion of Iraq if Blair’s constant dodging of the issues persist. Some comparisons have…

  • Fukuyama's nonsense

    Francis is at it again in his article in the excellent International Herald Tribune. I say nonsense since I do not agree with many of the things Fukuyama has said in the past. The End of History is the best example, a book that proclaims that liberal democracy is the be all and end all,…

  • "E-Bomb"

    Seems that the US is considering trying out some new toys when it decides to invade Iraq. I find it interesting how many articles will appear in the run-up to invasion about new weaponry, whether its designed to kill people or not. Why not a stealth bomber that drops food in the millions of starving…

  • Nasa and its robots

    Some hope for humanity, that we are taking steps to get our asses off the planet. Our attempts at exploration are somewhat feeble and indeed under funded, but are very important if humanity is to survive the nest 100 years. Thankfully Nasa will be webcasting its testing of Mars Rovers for us all to see,…

  • Dubai Desert Safari

    Getting stuck in the sand dunes near Dubai.

  • Burj Al Arab, Dubai

    One of the most expensive hotels in the world, taken from the top of the massive water slide in the Wild Wadi waterpark next door.