Bill Hicks movie

Finally. But who will play the lead role? Comedycentral makes a stab at it. Punchline are saying Russell Crowe is up for it.

Here is my humble Bill Hicks transcript that I put up in 2002. It still gets regular visits and referrals. The red bits were cut out of the video release, I transcribed them from an audio version I listened to back then.

Here is a clip from the show:

Bill Hicks in Cork

Ok I know he’s dead 11 years, but on the 26th June we get to see him come back to life:

The true story of one man’s attempt to change the world through stand-up. In this comedy play, the greatest comedian ever returns from the dead for one more show, revealing how to end the war on terror, why drugs are better than alcohol, and what the Bush family has done for porn.

After two sell-out seasons at the Edinburgh festival and an extended run in London’s West End, Chas Early’s astonishing solo performance continues its international tour, spreading bad language and political incorrectness.

“Unimaginably brilliant- a comedy blinder. Beautiful, heavy-hitting, bad boy stuff… It is almost painfully Hicks.” The Scotsman

“Achieves the impossible: a brave idea that shouldn’t work – but it does.” TimeOut

Advisories: contains strong language and sexual references.

Tickets: €15
Date: Monday 26th June.
Opening Times: 9.30pm (doors 9.15pm).
Venue: Spiegeltent.

Bill Hicks anniversary

The number of people visiting my site for Bill Hicks material has doubled in the lead up to the 10th Anniversary of his death. I think I will write a personal essay or article on him to mark his anniversary. I was looking at his biography in the bookshop today – good reading.

He is sorely missed by so many people.

Bill Hicks Anniversary

Nick Barlow mentions that I was the only blog where Bill Hicks’ 10th Anniversary was mentioned – there should be more!

He suggests “that some kind of ‘Hicks Day’ blogburst on the 26th where people can mark the anniversary however they want and I’ll link to any posts people want to make, like I did back on National Poetry Day – and this time, I’ve managed to give more than just a few days’ notice if you want to do anything or spread the word.”

And goes on…

And, just to make this idea seem less half-baked than it probably is, here’s some suggestions for things you could do: Tell us your favourite Hicks joke, line or routine; Give us a ‘what Bill meant to me piece; Hold a vigil outside the Dominion Theatre, claiming you’re waiting for his return to the scene of his comedic triumph; petition Kevin Drum to rename himself Arizona Bay Pundit; A Hicks-related flash blog; travel to Mississippi to visit his grave; or just go to a field, take mushrooms and try and blog using the power of your mind. It’s what he would have wanted. Well, if you ignore the other things he would have wanted, like not being dead.

Good idea Nick, my Hicks site needs a renovation anyway!