Bill Hicks Anniversary

Nick Barlow mentions that I was the only blog where Bill Hicks’ 10th Anniversary was mentioned – there should be more!

He suggests “that some kind of ‘Hicks Day’ blogburst on the 26th where people can mark the anniversary however they want and I’ll link to any posts people want to make, like I did back on National Poetry Day – and this time, I’ve managed to give more than just a few days’ notice if you want to do anything or spread the word.”

And goes on…

And, just to make this idea seem less half-baked than it probably is, here’s some suggestions for things you could do: Tell us your favourite Hicks joke, line or routine; Give us a ‘what Bill meant to me piece; Hold a vigil outside the Dominion Theatre, claiming you’re waiting for his return to the scene of his comedic triumph; petition Kevin Drum to rename himself Arizona Bay Pundit; A Hicks-related flash blog; travel to Mississippi to visit his grave; or just go to a field, take mushrooms and try and blog using the power of your mind. It’s what he would have wanted. Well, if you ignore the other things he would have wanted, like not being dead.

Good idea Nick, my Hicks site needs a renovation anyway!

One thought on “Bill Hicks Anniversary”

  1. Hi Gavin
    I’m a Bill Hicks fan from Israel, who owns a personal site dedicated to sex, drugs and rocknroll (sorry, it’s all in Hebrew, so you probably can’t read it). Anyway, since you were wondering if anyone has any plans for Bill’s anniversary, I do. Usually I don’t like to talk about plans before they come true, but this time it’s essential. If you’ll take a look at the site now, you’ll see an orange-black-white design, but in a few days I’ll have a “bill hicks skin” for the site, and it’ll be online for about 2 weeks around the 26/february. Also, some mp3 files will be available for downloading during this week.
    That’s all. Happy anniversary 🙂

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