Another rapper from Detroit talks about Eminem

I have been in touch with another white rapper from Detroit via email whose name is ‘Backstab the Kingpin’. He had known Eminem before he was famous and here he talks about his former performances on stage.

“The year was 1996, We were at a joint called Alvins near Wayne State University. I met Em’s manager (Mark Kempf) who connected me with the promoter of the event. I played him some of my songs in our car for him to verify that I was good enough to perform. He gave me the ok and allowed me to perform. Wayne state is on the outskirts of Detroits grimiest neighborhood known as the Cass Corridor. Its a small section of Detroit near the downtown area known for prostitution and crack sales. Em and I were the only white people in the entire building.

Back then, there was no doubt that Proof, Em’s current hypeman, was a complete racist, along with his fellow dreadlock partners. I was the first to take the stage that night. When I came out, the crowd instantly started booing me. the music hadnt even started, and they were booing. I hadnt even grabbed the mic yet and they screamed racial remarks at me. It was apparent it was because of my color. The beat dropped and i started, Most of the woman in the audience started to dance and scream. That only instagated the balck men in the audience to yella dn throw things at the stage. I think this may be where 8 mile might have derived from. the all black crowd hesitant to give some white kid a chance.

By the end of my show, I was escorted off stage for throwing things back at the crowd. The promoter said “man you better go out hte backdoor, unless you wanna get your ass beat to death” I was rushed out the back. I never got to see em perform that night but i heasrd from his manager aftyer seeing me he got real drunk and fell all over the stage and skipped his music alot. He was most likely scared. He showed up only with his girl and another couple. He had no fan base at all.

We exchanged cassettes that night. He gave me the slim shady ep, that had I just dont give a fuck and bonnie & clyde on it. I thought he was hot then and might find some success, but never imagined hed be what he is today. i have much more insite and etails about his camp, how they came up, who he chose to have around him, and what he did before he made it real big……..”

Cheer up with Obie

Eminem’s latest prot’g’ Obie Trice who’s been signed to Shady Records in 2001 promises to become big in the rap industry.His debut album ‘ Cheers’ has been released last week.A chance has been given to Us residents over 18 to win the Golden Ticket (included in the winning Cd package) and to hang out with Eminem in his studio while he’ll be recording his next album.
Obie’s debut album is promises to be successfull.Many great hip hop artists (Dr Dre,Eminem,D12,Nate Dogg,50 Cent,Lloyd Bank of G Unit) have contributed to the album.It’s worth listening to.

My story: Eminem has changed my life

I would like to tell you about my incredible story. It has to do with Marshall Mathers III.This man has changed my life in such a positive way.

Marshall has been an eye opener to me.He has changed me mentally and even physically. Ain’t this amazing? It actually is and that’s my story. I discovered Eminem in 2001.

At this time I was a rather old fashioned person (old fashioned in so many ways, i mean the clothing, my way of life, everything!). I used to suffer from a lot of inhibitions and I was very hurt inside. Eminem’s music has cured me from those inhibitions, it has helped me to humor myself. I managed to work out so many problems I had to face with since my childhood. I can relate to many of his songs. I also used to care a lot about what people could think about me. Marshall ‘s “just don’t give a fuck attitude” has helped me always to speak my mind whatever people could think about me!

All those problems I had inside have disappeared. I have lost 13 kilos and it’s all thanks to Marshall. Today, I have a perfect weight and I feel beautiful and balanced.

Marshall taught me never to give up and to believe in myself.

I have written a biography on the talented artist and my biggest dream is to meet him and to thank him in person.

I would like to share my incredible story with the whole world.

Tupac and Biggie brought back to life by Eminem

Ain’t this amazing?

After bringing back to life a teenager thanks to his music a few years ago, Eminem now brings two rap rivals Notorious BIG and Tupac Shakur back to life in one song!

In the track “Running” (Dying to Live) featuring Tupac and Biggie, both rap rivals are rhyming.

The king of rap also used a sampled blues rocker, Edgard Winters, for the chorus.

The beats are built up with piano, violins and bass. A great and authentic masterpiece of work you can listen to on

Eminem is currently working on a future soundtrack TUPAC Resurrection which shall tell Tupac’s life story.