8 Mile teaches each of us a great lesson of hope


8 Mile is not a biographical movie.It is just a semi biographical story in which Eminem appears as an authentic actor.Jimmy Smith Jr struggles as a white Mc to be accepted among a mainly black audience.He expresses his rage and his frustrations through his music.
8 Mile Road in Detroit between Blacks(7 Mile Road) and Whites(9 Mile Road),but psychologically 8 Mile represents the border that separates us from reality(the problems we may be confronted to(our current standart of life) and the place we want to be (like our dream coming true).
Anybody of us can relate to this psychological border.We all want to escape from our “8 Mile Road” and to fullfill our dreams.
Eminem has shown through his own life story,but also through his semi fictionnal movie a new path of hope to many young white trash and underground people.He has shown that anybody can make it if they try and believe hard in their dreams.
In his song “Lose Yourself”,he says:”You can do anything you set your mind to, man.”
If you apply to this, you will be able to escape from your own “8 Mile Road”

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