Finally the answer to a very interesting question – concerning the menstrual cycle

Why do groups of women living in the same household have synchronous menstrual cycles? At last my question has been answered, and it is as I thought – to do with social groups and our evolutionary past. I speculated that it may be chemicals like pheremones that cause the synchronisation, but I did not know the exact evolutionary reasoning behind it.

Good news for white wine lovers

Yes those scientists are at it again, cooking up things to help make our lives healthier and lazier – and so we can drink more wine. Since red wine has more polyphenols it is thought that its anti-oxidant properties help reduce ageing by getting rid of those nasty free radicals, good for red wine drinkers like myself. So what have they done? Traditionally white wine had less polyphenols but now they have found a way to grow them with three times as much.